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Eastern Metorpolis

Eastern Metorpolis

by dr0ctavious on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here is my contest entry for Rookies 2021. It is one my creation from last year. The original concept for the road was to create a gamelike environment where shady activities would happen. It was made in mind of creating a realtime environment, but I shifted my focus on creating impressive lighting and atmosphere.

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My attempt to create an alleyway in a major eastern metropolis, especially where streets are covered by high rise buildings and neon light bathe the street at night.

Night Render

Detailed Explanation 

My main References were heavily inspired by Hong Kong’s narrow alleyways. 

The concept started out as a real-time environment project, so I planned out which building would work as imaginary trading posts, bars, clubs, but as I continued I shifted my focus from the design aspect of each building to the lighting and textures of the whole scene.

The road had once seen its glorious days, but as time passed, it was forgotten from the general public. Maintenance rarely happens and works are done only by patches. Now it is used as parking lots for bikes and scooters. So, my model and texture had to reflect how dirty the road is by adding smoke ashes, trashes and permanent stains. 

The buildings were textured and modeled in consideration of a vertical view.


Here are some other props that I did for the project, it is unfortunate that I could only show a portion of the whole scene.

Thank you, and I wish everyone good luck for the contest

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