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Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy - non-PBR collection

Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy - non-PBR collection

Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy
by Miszla on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I was a little happy 3D digital enthusiast for long, but this year I actually entered school and focused on graphics for games. I realized how useless my previous projects were and I'm happy I'm learning so much right now. Here is a collection of what I've learnt this year.

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My first bigger project was a low poly Diorama. My initial frustration on the limits like no PBR rendering quickly shifted to the feeling of challenge to pull off the most out of the phototextures.

The Diorama shows a household of a person who makes Oscypki (a special type of cheese) for a living. He can welcome guests and hand out the goods at the front and calmly work in a little space in the back.

The common agreement among my friends is the Game Art course was the most fun and satisfactory one. I'm proud of the progress you can see between each one of the assignments.
Our first task was to create a World War I stylized plane. It was my first try in handpainted textures.
Creating a stylized weapon was a much tougher one since I'm not a concept art person myself. I went for a pretty bold design. Of course there's still much room for an improvement but I really like seeing how different it is from the plane.

The last project was the most exciting one, cause it was finally not only a prop, but the whole environment. I consider myself an environment artist and gladly accepted the challenge. Coming up with an initial idea was tough, but after a lot of iterations it turned out better than I imagined.

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