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Javi Garcia del rio Beneyto
by javiGarcia on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is the story of a monk, trying to protect his eyes from the inevitable that awaits him outside. In the Labyrinth.

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Hello, I´m happy that you arrive here.

In this Piece, my goal is to assembly all the knowledge received in the last months throught my formation in Unreal Engine.

I am coming from a cinematographic background, my idea was to create a syncronized shot, in which all the elements are involved and visually giving a sense of dynamism.
The story tells how, throught a ritual, the ancient Monks were able to create a Mask device to protect their eyes from the glare of Anubis, who resides in the Labyrinth.

Throutgh the years, i´ve been deeply inspired by talented artists from which i have taken amazing ideas, together with the guidance of my teachers in the formation in Unreal Engine at Butic the new school, i was able to present the Piece.

I hope you´ll like it.

Story, Influences and Concept

Is there a line that guides the story, i wanted to recreate a ritual, in which there are diferent steps to guide in the process.

In the beginning, he is opening the third eye connected with the pineal gland, to leave the new energy coming from the orbe get into him through the third eye.

After his body unfolds to begin to create the Mask with his conscience, to project the energy back into the Orb, and steal the energy from Anubis outside in the Labyrinth, at that time, he looses his vital energy transfussed to the Orb.

The Orb explodes, we fly into the Mask world represented in green, the Mask is materialized, and finally he can wear it to face Anubis outside of the room.

References!, where the story begins, is a process that i enjoy so much. Through searching for ideas from other artists allows me to reinterpretate the story and transform the story into different styles.

There are plenty of talented artists out there, and there is always something to learn from them.

Lighting and Color

It has a great importance for me to stablish a logical mood driven by the colors, the Mask represents the Green, as the energetic Orb is the Magenta, the Monk is in the middle of the scene afected by the influence of Orange, which is the color in where the Labyrinth and Anubis exists.

To create the lighting setup in Unreal was an amazing and dynamic process as working in real time brings the chance to see on the fly any little influence of color, reflection, hue.

My setup included 36 different lights, all in dynamic and with no Raytrace in the scene.

Layout , Models and Materials

I tried to be meticulous to reflect my reference in the final shot. I searched for textures and models which represents the mood of that period.

(I used some of the amazing models from Paragon to build my scene)

Synchrony and Sequencer

Speaking about the dynamism in the shoot is speaking about Sequencer inside Unreal, here is where the magic happens, i spent lot of effort to syncronize the timing of the effects.

Sequencer brings the chance of working in real time seeing the animation inside the scene which is so helpful to match elements.

Cloth and Simulations

To simulate cloth, first i was thinking to do it inside Unreal or Blender, both with great cloth simulation.
Finally, i decided to give a chance to Marvelous Designer, which works so fine for that scene.

Metahuman and Animation

Once i got the access to create my Metahuman, I knew that i will use that character called Omar, and bring him to life.

I had to retarget skeletons, create new animation layers and move bones here and there, but the realism of a Metahuman and its power of expression are so worth it to use it in the scene.


When i was building the scenario and the relation among the elements i wanted to create some sort of symbolism in the diferent frames.

Diagonals are important to bring the attention, there are some holly shapes like an spiral represented in a snail or a pine tree fruit which represents the pineal gland for the ancients.
Also the connection between the light in Anubis belt and the Orb.

There have been really inmersive weeks of creation to bring that Piece to life.
In the process I´ve learnt how Unreal Engine can be used to tell a story from a papper to its final representation.
Now I know that my passion for storytelling, short films, animation and cinema can be materialized in future scenes.

In the process I´ve been helped by great people who pushed me to arrive here. A big thanks to Eloi, who created the sound for the Piece.

Thanks to everyone...


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