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Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores

Fernando Flores


To eventually become an FX Lead at world-class studios.

There was never any doubt that I wanted to be part of the VFX industry. My love for movies and fascination of creating photo-real effects were the foundation of my pursuit for a career as an FX TD. To accomplish my goals to reach a new level of high quality work on feature film and TV series, I sought to master my craft at Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects. There, I was able to produce my FX demo reel and acquire the skills to thrive in a high pressure environment.

Learning: Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

Skills: Houdini

Expertise: 3D Animation Visual Effects

  • Skipped Debut TBD
  • Skipped Player TBD
  • Skipped Contender N/A
  • Leveled up to Rookie Mar 17, 2021
  • Pro TBD


Current Education

Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects
Class of 2020