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Elmoatasem-Bellah Ragab
Elmoatasem-Bellah Ragab

Elmoatasem-Bellah Ragab


I would love to reach and maintain a position of actively nurturing talent while pushing the boundaries of what's imaginable.

I was most inspired by my brother growing up. He was always drawing and making art in so many different mediums. Compositing was the most fascinating form of art for me. In middle school, I fondly remember trying to create a hologram effect inspired by Iron Man 3. I hit so many roadblocks! The process of problem-solving was so addictive and sent me on a spiral of online resources to expand my knowledge of visual effects. I have been in this same spiral ever since, and I couldn't be happier.

Learning: Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

Skills: Nuke

Expertise: Visual Effects

  • Skipped Debut TBD
  • Skipped Player TBD
  • Skipped Contender N/A
  • Leveled up to Rookie Mar 16, 2021
  • Pro TBD


Current Education

Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects
Class of 2020