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Swedish School of VFX

This VFX education is tailored for those who already have a good sense of colour, shape and a burning interest in working within digital visual special effects (VFX) in computer games, film, TV series and advertising - alternatively in visualisation for architecture and technology. With us you will find the perfect mix of projects and education, which offers the best of both worlds - giving room for your own creativity. The core loop within our education is that you will learn first how to operate the programs, then apply the knowledge within a related project in order to cement the knowledge. With us you will have your own workstation with around the clock access in a calm environment with access to our greenscreen and motion capture studio. We created this to give you a jumpstart into your VFX career. Our teachers are very committed to the task which will inspire, support and push you to achieve the results that the industry demands.

Countries: Sweden

Location: Campus

Industries: 3D Animation Visual Effects Game Design & Development

Software: Adobe Substance Suite Houdini Maya Nuke Unreal Engine ZBrush

Programs: Diploma

Certifications: Houdini Certified School Unreal Academic Partner


Lukas Ågren
Sandra Kallaanvaara
Stina Oskarsson
Pelle Nordentoft


Our VFX artist - for games and film education starts with a year of generalistic knowledge where houdini/nuke and is introduced in the second semester, how it is used in a pipeline with unreal engine and other programs as well as how to navigate the program for the basics of procedural modelling. In the second year the students can choose either 3D or compositing where if the student choses 3D they will mainly be working with houdini in most of the courses.

The education program lasts 2.5 years, totaling 500 higher vocational polytechnic credits. Each credit corresponds to one study day, and each semester is 100 yhp (yearly higher education points).

During the first year, students build a broad knowledge base with introductory courses in both 3D visualization and digital compositing. Before the second year, students choose a specialization and then get a series of more tailored courses. The entire last semester is an internship at a VFX company.

Year 1 — Term 1 (Autumn 2024)

  • Agile project work – 10 yhp
  • Pre-production (Previs) – 10 yhp
  • 3D-visualisation – introduction – 50 yhp
  • Photo and film – light, composition and camera technique – 10 yhp
  • Digital Compositing – introduction – 20 yhp Total: 100 YHP

Year 1 — Term 2 (Spring 2025)

  • Motion Capture – 30 yhp
  • Virtual Production (Real-time) – 20 yhp
  • 3D-visualisation – introduction 2 – 25 yhp
  • Digital Compositing – introduction 2 - 25 yhp Total: 100 YHP

Year 2 — Term 3 (Autumn 2025)

Orientation — 3D Visualisation:

  • 3D Visualisation – 40 yhp
  • 3D Visualisation – specialisation 1 – 60 yhp Total: 100 YHP

Orientation — Digital Compositing:

  • Digital Compositing – 40 yhp
  • Digital Compositing – specialisation 1 – 60 yhp Total: 100 YHP

Year 2 — Term 4 (Spring 2026)

Orientation: 3D Visualisation – specialisation 2 – 70 yhp

Orientation: Digital Compositing – specialisation 2 – 70 yhp

  • Examination assignment – 30 yhp
  • Internship (LIA): CV, showreel, company contacts, preparation, introduction – 30 yhp Total: 100 YHP

Year 3 — Term 5 (Autumn 2026)

  • Internship (LIA) for 20 weeks – 100 yhp
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Visual Magic
Visual Magic


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