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Lab I - Toast flip Animation

Lab I - Toast flip Animation

by justynbeveridge on 18 Nov 2022

A simple animation of a piece of toast flipping between the sides of a toaster.

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This is the research I did into bread and toasters to get a bit of inspiration of how I'd like mine to look.

Here is the toast and toaster that I'll be animating to create my toast flip animation. I modelled them both myself in Maya. It took a bit of time but I'm happy with how they turned out 

Reference video for how I want the toast flip to look. Concept is a simple loop of the toaster going down (seen in the lever moving up and down) and then popping, flipping through the air and landing in the other side. The toast will bounce back and forth in an endless loop.

This simple animation of a piece of toast flipping back and forth the sides of a toaster is what I created when I attempted to create something similar and inspired by my reference video. I can see it coming together however a bit more work is needed to make it look more realistic and the flip smoother.

Here is the final toast flip animation! I really love how this turned out and think it's so satisfying to watch the loop on repeat!

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