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#WeeklyDrills014 -- Human Eye

#WeeklyDrills014 -- Human Eye

by glenese on 11 Jul 2020

For my first weekly drills, I focused on the sculpting & topology of the eye area. I also wanted to convey some "character" even though it was a close-up as the musculature around the eye has plenty of intricacies that I wanted to practice on.

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#WeeklyDrills 014 -- Human Eye

Not sure if I went a bit too "creative" with this, but I mocked up a quick chess piece too (this one would be a Bishop piece as it has diagonal angles & a cross scar ). As we were tasked with realism, I didn't want any focus taken away from the eyeball or the forms & gestures. I  figured that the lack of texture & finer details would be explained well if this was a manufactured/artisan piece. 

Thus, this chess piece was created by a maniacal games-maker & mercenary. One of the "perks" of hiring him would be that once he does his job, he makes a lifecast of the victim, removes their eyeball & then places it inside of the newly created chess piece (created from the life-cast mold) for whomever hired him to do the job. That way they know that the job is complete as they now can gold their enemy in their hands!

Sculpted in Zbrush. Retopology in Maya. 

I originally was going to sculpt out the iris for the eyeball & I created a photoshop file to apply as an alpha to the sculpt (see below)...but when applied to the sculpt it didn't turn out  well enough as I needed to do a bunch more cleanup -- ran out of time to do that but I'll practice with things like that! Anyway, here's the alpha that I created. I enjoy macro photography & was excited when I found a series of macro eye photographs by Suren Manvelyan . While visiting his site, I also found some images of watchmakers, which gave me the idea about the story.

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