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Creating realistic looking sculpts and models is my favourite way to spend time. I love noticing all the important details and modelling these to give my work a sense of story and personality. I have strong technical skills, including proficiency in Maya, Zbrush, and the Adobe Suite. I have also been learning Mari and Houdini. I spend a lot of my spare time 3D modelling and enjoy upskilling in the relevant pieces of software.

2014 was the first time when I realized I should alter my art direction from architect/designer to film & games industry. I got my wacom drawing tablet that time, start practicing digital painting. In 2017 I came to New Zealand to learn more about 3D, animation and VFX world. I am focusing more to 3D modelling and texturing from 2021.

I have been doing storyboard comics when I was really young and have always wanted to tell my own stories. I gained a Bachelor Degree of Animation (Hons) at YOOBEE collage of creative innovation over a four year period, where I honed my skills as an artist. This gave me a greater appreciation of the creative industry and the potential to reach a larger audience with my art.

I started my career as a set painter in Berlin, Germany in 2012. As life goes, I changed my professional focus, studying environmental informatics and worked several years for the German government as an IT project manager. But deep inside my heart, I wasn’t excited about what I was doing. I missed the creativity! I never gave up on my dream and from one moment to another, I made the best decision of my life. 2022 I quickly turned my life upside down, in New Zealand, to study 3D Animation!

I'm looking to gain an apprenticeship or a similar part-time role during my graduate animation studies in 2024. I've always loved drawing and animation. It's something I want to keep getting better at.

I first realized that I wanted to work in the creative media industry at an early age. I grew up loving to draw and had a keen eye for making my drawings look realistic. I started to fantasize about how realistic and accurate artist like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo at the age of 17, which then lead me to the path of becoming a 3D artist.

since my childhood i was curious how characters are made in creative media and watching animated movies drive me to choose this path of becoming a character artist. I always wanted to do something innovative and creative.

I have always been creating, since I was young, it's always felt like something that was quite natural. So, I have done all I can to pursue it.

I've always been creative and pushed myself in that direction. 3D has always been my most passionate and successful craft. I got to meet Joe Letteri and get a technical breakdown of Alita: Battle Angel, it was absolutely incredible and it really set in stone that this is an industry I want to be involved in and work in a team towards a collective goal. I'm hungry to learn and improve myself as an artist.

I am a passionate 3D Artist. I am proficient at creating man-made assets for Game art and CGI; developing background props, hero assets, vehicles and weaponry.

I like making and learning 3D, anatomy, texturing and animation.

Since I was a kid I've always loved cartoons and art in general. And as i got older the passion for art has blossomed from drawing to painting and now into 3D Sculpting. I first realized that I had to work in the creative media industry was when a representative from Yoobee School of Design went to our school for careers day and right at that moment I knew that this was my calling.

Year-three animation student at Yoobee College, specialising in 3D animation, with a knack for modelling and texturing. Passionate about bringing stories to life through visuals.

I started getting serious about drawing in 2014. Soon after that, I started following people that interested me. The people I followed got into the industries and shared their success stories and I was inspired to follow in their footsteps.

I loved creating my own characters while playing RPG video games and would create comics for them to expand on their backgrounds and stories, but I began to take a serious interest in the creative media industry after watching the making of The Lord of the Rings.

Pursuing creative endeavours and studying really helped engage with my passions, while improving my mental health and gave me something to strive towards.

I have wanted to have a creative job my entire life, whether that was Art, Graphic Design, or Game Development, and I've made art, games and music for years, but I truly decided that I wanted to follow it as a profession after playing the indie RPG OMORI a year ago. It affected me on a extremely personal level, and made me really realize that Game Development and Storytelling matters a lot to me and is something I want to turn into my livelihood.

When i was young, i love drawing cartoon/anime characters! from the looney tunes to Naruto it started from there and i developed my knowledge of creative media in comics. i know this is my calling because i hope one day i will create my own characters for the audience to see and be inspired.

Graduate Student at Yoobee colleges, looking for work opportunities within the creative industry. PORTFOLIO Website:

I first realized this was my dream when I was near the end of High School. At first I wanted to go into the game design side of the industry but as I studied at Yoobee I found myself drawn towards the entertainment and movie making side of everything.

I've been drawing all my life, but never took it seriously until I was around 10 years old. My love for art has no bounds, and I quickly realized I wouldn't enjoy working if it didn't involve creative freedom. I never planned to take Bachelors of Animation, or anything art related - I was planning to study to become a librarian. But I have some stories that have really built up over time, and I took the chance of BOA in hope that I will one day get to really bring my stories to life.

After I saw an old co-workers portfolio in Artstation.

I have always enjoyed character based projects.

I was actually went to study Computer Science at the first place. I am glad that I have the chance to get in touch with animation while I am studying my degree. After a few classes, I realised that this is what I want to do. Without any further consideration, I withdrew myself from the school and travelled all the way from Malaysia to New Zealand just to study 3D animation. I want to do something that I like and make it as my job. This is my way.