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Snow Rails

Snow Rails

by AdamsTWilliam on 21 Jun 2021

This was a final project for my Advance 3D Production course at Yoobee Colleges. This project has mostly been to learn more about how procedural textures work and ways to hide the tiling of textures over a larger area.

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Snow Rails

This was a project done over the course of 11 weeks by myself. I did this mostly to learn more about how procedural textures work, while also expanding my skills on texturing as a whole. The programs I have used through this project have been Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Maya.

This is the snow texture I made for this project it has many different colour schemes mostly as a fun little feature of the texture.

This is the track texture I created, this taught me alot about how to properly merge heights to not lose the details on any layer of the texture.

This was the texture used on the side of the bridge. This helped me learn more about how to merge colours in substance designer without losing any detail in the texture.

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