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I have always loved art from an early age. In school my favourite subjects were art and graphic design but unfortunately I wasn't aware of what route to take once leaving school. I continued to use my skills as a hobby in my spare time which helped me develop. After reading magazines such as Imagine FX and 3d world I decided to apply for a course to take the next step. I continue to create art now in my spare time to practise and sometimes freelance.

I was pLaying Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask on my Nintendo 64 and I was curious about how games were made at a very young age. Thus sparked my passion for games Development.

I spend my childhood years playing PC games. I grew up with Blizzards titles and spend years playing World of Warcraft. At first I was hooked into the game, and didn't think a lot about it. With the years passing and me growing up, also my curiosity started to grow stronger. Playing games, I started to look differently at them. I started to try to break down how different parts were created. I slowly realised that my dream is not to be playing those given games all the time, but to work on them.

Just before I finished high school, I decided that I wanted to work in the media industry and already had a big passion for video editing, I wanted to discover something new and took on a BA Visual Effects course at UCLan.

I used to doodle a lot as a kid, in and out of school. So growing up I was always a big nerd for sci-fi stuff, films especially as back then, video games were out of reach. I remember watching Iron Man for the first time and I was straight up blown away, The suits were badass, the story is gripping and the actions had weight. Before long, I stumbled on a Feng Zhu's Design Cinema video on youtube and then I knew, I wanted to get into Concept Art.

I have wanted to be an artist since a very young age because I loved watching my mother draw. Since then I have become a huge fan of Shoujo Manga and want to have a live action created based on a manga that I have illustrated.

Corny as it may sound, when I was a kid I managed to get my hands on a CD that happened to have a map editor for the original Half Life on it (Worldcraft aka Hammer/VHE). "Oh cool, I can make my own games!". So I started making maps that I would later torture my poor friends into playing -- in hindsight, these early maps were pretty terrible, although that did serve as my first contact with the concept of game design.

Games have always been my hobby and passion but I only realized that I wanted to pursue game art professionally a few years ago, which led me into enrolling in the Games Design course.

I first realized I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I watched Toy Story for the first time. I was in awe of all of the characters and animation. I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. Now, I am striving every day towards that goal.

Choosing colleges, I flipped a coin and found myself on a course that intrigued me with the concept of making an entire world/setting from scratch. It sort of relit this lost respect of art, in that something can come from nothing. A blank page can be turned into a glimpse of someone else's perspective.

I was originally studying Web design at university and researched a game design course for my girlfriend. After looking at it I saw that I would be a good fit and greatly enjoyed more creative projects. With being a gamer in my spare time the thought of making my own was an exciting opportunity which I grabbed with both hands.

I first realised I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I had just come out of college and after studying social sciences such as Psychology and Sociology, I decided I wanted to try something completely new, something that I would enjoy so I chose Games Design and began my studies.

I have always had the curiosity and passion for wanting to creation my own worlds, lore and characters, but it wasn't until I played games like Guild Wars 2 and Dark Souls that my passion sparked up to a whole new level and where I could definitely say, yes I want to make games like this for a living.

As i child i wanted my name to show on the credits reel. Trying to make that dream come true till this day

Since the release of games such as the GTA Franchise as well as other console games. I have been interested by the creation of games from the visual aspects. The process of 3-D modelling and scene building.

Watching E3 about 5 years ago