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CG Generalist

CG Generalist

by andreinastasa on 31 May 2019

A few of my 3D models I have done over the past two years. Unfortunately due to lack of time and finding out late about the competition I am not able to post a fully finished project, so my list is missing some of my assets. All the models that were done by me were done from the scratch, excluding reference.

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This rover is part of a bigger project that involves a 15 second CG scene. Below are two screens for the WIP composition of this project.

The scene was built in 3ds Max an rendered with Vray.

Some of the models I've done from scratch are the rover, the rocket. the smaller building settlements, the antennas and the trees. Everything else was outsourced from Megascans and Kitbash.

Software I used were: Maya/Zbrush - 3D modelling/uv wrapping

                                             3dsMax - Scene assembly w/ ForestPack & rendering using Vray

                                            World Creator/Gaea for the terrain

                                            Substance Painter/Mixer - texturing

                                           SpeedTree/MarvelousDesigner - other 

Unfortunately this project was not done in time for The Rookies there are plenty other assets and models I could show here but time won't allow me and I don't want to just grab some view port screenshots :)

Below are a few angles with passes breakdown.

Past project: 2017 - 2018

Although this has big chances of not getting through, I wanted to share my work here and I will try again next year and make sure I have everything done on time. Thanks. 

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