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I've always been fascinated characters & cool stunning visuals within video games & movies I started drawing & doodling characters fighting when I was around 4 to 5 but only have really started to be confident & create pieces that I'm proud of at about 16. My goal back then was to aim for an artistic role in a game company & it still is today

I recall watching the first Transformers movie, which came out in  2007. How a car could transform into a massive talking robot with its mechanics moving about had me completely enthralled. As I began to study art and animation in my late teens, I got more interested in 3D animation, and 3D modeling on the sidelines and to pursue them as my career goal.

At 13 years old I saw Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and decided that I want to make movies. At 17 I revisited this film and saw how they did the title sequence on Art of the Title. I guess since I'm enrolled into motion graphics and if I can't get into the film industry this can be my backup

When I started to admire the graphic design and wanted to make those kinds of artworks.

When I was a child and i dabbled in after effects and blender. It made me realise when choosing my course for polytechnic that i wanted to go further as it was something i enjoyed

I personally wanted to work in the creative media industry after realizing that people were enjoying the small talents I've been developing and working on and seeing that people were interested, I continued working and creating 3D content and improving it as more eyes get caught on my works.

Realizing it is fun, wanting to improve and making cool works :D

I wanted to be an artist since young, or work in the media industry. Animation is only something I started to consider when I was in secondary school, but when I enrolled in Nanyang Polytechnic, I set my heart to want to do animation in the future.

It was in 2007 when Transformer was just released. I was seven at the time and I remember watching it for the first time and being fascinated by it. All I could think of is how cool and realistic the robots were and how badly I wanted to be apart of the film, to live the life of a transformer. I used to go to bed every night, imaging that I was a transformer, hoping to really become a transformer in my dream.

When i realised the power of how creative media such as animation or films could portray and convey a strong emotion and message to their viewers is when i decided i really wanted to be part of the process in creating such works

When i entered into school, i saw some 3D works which sparked an interest :)

I realised that when I was about 14 that I really loved animated and Hollywood films a lot. Since then, I was determined to enter the creative media industry to help people share their stories and bring them to life with the skills I've acquired. So far, it hasn't been easy but I sincerely hope to get better as an artist.

About 9 or 8 i was enrolled in extra circular art classes during Saturdays at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts as a junior and at 12 i was scrolling through Youtube one day stumbled upon one of Marc Brunet's video and that day I knew I wanted to be in this line of work.

During my intern at Robot Playground.

Ever since I learned how to draw when I was young I fell in love with the arts and having the freedom to express yourself through something other than just by word of mouth. The very first time I discovered about the world behind the scenes to movies and commercials I was immediately drawn to that line of work and thats where my passion of the entertainment and media industry sparked. Ever since than I started to have a better appreciation for the art behind every broadcast and advertisement.

I was around the age of 15 when I first realised I wanted to work in the creative industry. I didn’t start out wanting to do UX. I was a ‘sciency’ kid. I wanted to go deep into biology, figure out how things worked. I guess, deep down I’ve always wanted to discover and create. That curiosity I had as a kid grew alongside me. Designing user experiences is all about having curiosity, trying to understand how people think and act.

When i was in secondary school.

I've always had a passion for games the first time i picked up a controller as a kid, this passion flourished when i joined my first game design course in 2014 and i've loved making 3D art for games ever since.

I've always had a passion for the creative arts since a young age. At the age of 16, having to pick engineering or the creative arts, I've made the choice to follow my passion, and aim towards working in a creative media industry.

Creation and art direction are one some of my many passions, I have always been amazed by motion graphics at a young age, wondering how do people achieve such stunning visuals . The few years I've spent learning the basics and fundamentals at Nanyang Polytechnic has taught me to be innovative, adaptive and above all handling projects with judicious reasoning.