F@$% Tampon Tax - An MTV International Women's Day Campaign

[email protected]$% Tampon Tax - An MTV International Women's Day Campaign

Tan Jun Sen
by ginsengbutton on 21 May 2021

A man walks into a department store to realise that he is swarmed by an army of angry tampons flashing exorbitant price tags at him.

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F&*@ Tampon Taxes - MTV Asia

I worked on an MTV Asia campaign for International Women's Day that aims to highlight the disparity on the pricing of feminine products vs masculine products. This is a team project between Matthias (@matjontan), Yi Jie (@xprltz on IG) and I. This was a project I enjoyed a lot and I choose to present this massive piece of sh*t I made as the culmination of my motion graphics career.

It was designed to look corny and was a creative risk, having observed the weird millennial humour on Adult Swim. We wanted to make something in that spirit and we got chosen for broadcast on MTV Asia hehe.

Yi Jie worked on the 3D environment in Cinema4D.

Matthias worked on the props that are used (e.g. the tampons and the boxes) in Cinema4D.

I worked on the 2D animation and the textures on the tampon packaging, as well as compositing them in After Effects.

I worked on the cel animation of the boyfriend/husband being freaked out by the steep prices of the tampons displayed on the price tags that the tampons are pointing at him.

I drew and coloured them frame-by-frame on Photoshop, and then composited them against my friend @xprltz's background on After Effects.

For the packaging, we had to make them look like real-life tampon packaging and also NOT run into any copyright issues while also takin a jab at the real-life brands we see. We greeked the packaging and also gave it a touch of humour. The logo is a vulgar Chinese wordplay (kao means F*[email protected] in Chinese), by the way. We're instructed to keep it edgy by adding a touch of rude humour, cos it's MTV. Hehe. 

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