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HR & Payroll App

HR & Payroll App

Jerrold Wong
by jerrold on 2 May 2019

Enterprise Product I worked on during my internship at Govtech. I had a hand in designing the UI/UX of the particular module of this HR & Payroll app.

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HR & Payroll app screens targeted for employees to use, done during my 3 month internship at Govtech (Government Technology Agency, Singapore).

My Contributions

I was tasked with coming up userflows and screens for the leave application part of a HR & Payroll app for Govtech. Taking into account current existing user mental models and app architecture, I began a 2 week ideation process, exploring multiple different kinds of UI.

Challenges Faced

Having to cater for 11 different types of leaves, with most of them having 3 customisable options was a very interesting challenge. I had to dig deep into UX thinking while designing.

With the userbase for this app being 145,000, design choices have to be fundamentally solid.

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