Across The universe
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Across The universe

wet nature universe full of mushroom looks like.

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Update - 12 May 2021

just finished my block out.
I don't know it going to be finished or not

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Update - 3 May 2021

I work to SpaceX. Back then in 2030, I was sent to 2 light years planet from the earth, named Nebul177. 
the mission is to bring 3000 Kl sea water.

Nebul177 have thin atmosphere, so the planet surface is dangerous area for life. the gravitation almost same as earth . the radiation really high, it almost barely impossible for life, I thought. it Composed by 87% rock and mineral, it only 20% air and 3% other component.

In 2042, Monitoring guy said the life already began to showing up, it surprised me. the chief sent me back to Nebul177 to find out more about the species which live there.
when I came, it surprised me more. In only 1 years, the life have already began to interact each other. species dominance by species which looks like mushroom but they can moving, they gathering  at shore of the water. It consume salt water, they only take salt for energy and water to sent the salt to its digestive organs. the water come out as waste, but the water just being the same because the mineral which contain salt is replacing the salt which taken by species.
The Species which we named "boka",  after 5 years they regenerate and reproduce to several different shape. 

Update - 1 May 2021

I just collected reference for my project.
a little bit late for start the project. but, i'll try