Andrew's Epic Entry

Andrew's Epic Entry

Andrew H
by savedrowningfish on 30 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

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Concept and iterations for a power plant on a volcanic planet. High risk, high reward when you can combine turbine and thermal energy.

Paintover of 3D model built to client specifications. Project asked for entry and exit points, a cave-like home for the player, a weapon rack and a crafting station, all fitting within a prehistorical/caveman theme and technology.

Prop iterations for the required parts of the hub world

Bayezid the Immortal Alchemist, final render and personality explorations

Underground hovel inspired by the Fremen of Dune. Hot air from the surface above funnels down through conduction, spinning a turbine that is lined with moisture-trapping blades. This microscopic moisture is then drained into 3 sponge-like pumps, which then push the water out, down a tube, and into a collector.

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