House of Hades

House of Hades

by tehzoey on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a 3rd person platformer game based on the Greek myth of Hades kidnapping Persephone to the Underworld. Within this game, her mother Demeter offers her help by sending down the Light of Olympus to lead her out of the Wonderland-esque garden Hades has trapped Persephone in.

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This project was an assignment for my Game Development class where we had to make a game from scratch and complete it within the semester.

Core Experience

One of the core experiences of this game is its narrative where Demeter communicates with Persephone through the Light of Olympus. Throughout the game, there will also be messages from Hades, expressing his ‘fondness’ to Persephone. The Light of Olympus will also serve as a guide to bring Persephone throughout the route. Straying too far from the Light will cause you to ‘lose your sight’ causing you to lose the game. There will be moving platforms and obstacles with each level making it more difficult. Thus, the design pillars are:

1. Follow The Light: The light will lead you out..if you can keep up that is.

2. Love Story: A narrative that focuses on the varying concepts of love

3. Patience: Time your moves well throughout the game to get through the levels

Art Direction

The game's intention is to have similar aesthetics and stylizations that Tim Burton uses. His work has surrealistic elements and shows a somber mood. His rendition of Alice in Wonderland also serves as a good reference of art style for the intended game concept. It has bright colours and interesting shapes for the flora and fauna within the movie. Even so, it is still obvious how something is not completely right and is in fact quite skewed. The character design is also inspired by how Tim Burton illustrates his characters, with long limbs but incredibly stick-like.


The game will consist of two levels. The levels have a setup of a large royal garden, in which there are trees, gazebos, and mazes. The first level is dense with flora and fauna and shows Hade’s message of giving Persephone everything she wants in abundance. This level does not have many obstacles as it is more of a tutorial level. The second level involves a maze with moving platforms. The light will have lesser waiting points than before making it more active and difficult for the users to keep track of the light.

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