How To Get A Selfie With Big Foot

How To Get A Selfie With Big Foot

Luigi Bosso
by luigibosso on 17 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is the story of Baldwin And Wesley. They decided to go into the Canadian Forest, following the guide "How To Get a Selfie With Big Foot" to find the creature and get a selfie with him

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This is the Story of Baldwin and Wesley, who go through the Canadian Forest to search the Bigfoot, following the guide "How To Get A Selfie With Big Foot", to take a photo with him and boost their Ego

This is the Modeling Process with first look of the Characters.

I created a rig system to animate them and an hair system with maya xgen tool 

these are still from the Short film. lighting was done in maya using Arnold

These images represent the layer subdivision and the progession of Compositing Process. From Render to Compositing

From Lighting to Compositing

These are other still from the short film scenes

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