Living Planet
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Living Planet

by Jovan on 19 Mar 2021 for World of Real-time Discoveries

Hello all! For my environment I will be creating a distant icy planet that uses unsuspecting visitors to keep itself "full of life."

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Update - 12 Apr 2021

Got some of the foliage going. Definitely going to need some more variation in the flowers to break up the repetiveness. Also made the decision to bring up the mountains behind the central figure next gonna start experiment with more foliage and some splines for the hanging egg pod things.

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Update - 6 Apr 2021

I forgot I also did a fun little effect for the core! It was a lot of fun to play with. Also got the water shader for the pools and waterfalls made. I'll update with pics later but I've also got some of the flora done and got sot some gnarly bristlecone-inspired trees in the works!

Update - 5 Apr 2021

Still figuring out the moons. Adjusted the grass again. Working on getting trees in and breaking up some of the light the rest of this week

Update - 30 Mar 2021

Still a long ways to go but making progress! I want her to be very covered in foliage in the end and the tree will be a giant flower type plant ultimately. She is designed after a secretary bird. Got a little distracted by her but shifting gears to getting foliage and the other caves in.

Update - 19 Mar 2021

Hello! For my entry my concept will be developed around a living planet that consumes unfortunate travelers in order to sustain life on the planet. My main focus in getting started has been figuring out the terrain as well as the materials to set the stage while also gathering reference.

Lots of playing around with materials and scale lately. As I started blocking in engine I started feeling differently about my plans for composition so I'm bringing things out of the valley a bit more. I also ended up going with a smoother material.