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Green Power
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Green Power

Daniel Miralles Álvarez
by DanielMiralles on 14 Mar 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Hi guys! This is my first contest, I wanted to do a cool match between these two strong guys using natural elements, like roots or "green energy". I have tried to keep that consistency throughout the project, and this is the result! Thanks!

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Update - 14 Apr 2021

This is it! My final entry!

Thank you guys, for organice this contest, it was hard and fun at same time.

I used this as my final exercise for my student demo reel, my objetive was to test effects that i didn't do before.

I am happy with the result!!

Good luck guys!!

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Update - 4 Apr 2021

Hi guys!

This is my shield effect, i have been working on this for the last two weeks.

It consists of a pillar of roots that our hero lifts from the ground,

i will try to add a few layers more, but i will start to do the final global renders and the assemble of all the pieces soon, to get finish on time.

Sadly I will not be able to do the initial part, when the monster appears, but I am very happy with the result, in the next few days I will upload the complete video with all the effects.

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Update - 14 Mar 2021

Hi guys!

New update, this is how looks my spell for the moment.

My objetive is to make clear that our hero is obtaining his power from the earth in order to cast his powerful final attack.

So, i played with differentes types of energy ascending until that finally i get what i wanted,

maybe i will add more energy between his foots to make it more clear.

This week im working on the shield part,

i will try to do this part too.

This is the last effort!!

Cmon guys!

Update - 22 Feb 2021

New update!

This week I want to show you the projectiles of my spell.

The effect will be accompanied by other magical effects in the hands of our hero, but we will see this in the next few weeks.

Now guys I'm going to start working on the spell before the attack.

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Update - 16 Feb 2021

So... lets do an update!

Our hero's attack spell has 3 consequences, Projectiles + green explosions + roots.

This time I want to focus on the second part of the attack, the green explosions.

I'll focus on the projectiles next time, Thanks!

Update - 8 Feb 2021

Hi! I'm Daniel,

I am very impressed by the work of my colleagues, I will try to do my best, this is my first entry.

I'm going to focus on the final part of the scene, the spell. If I have time I would like to make the shield too.

In my scene, our hero tries to defend his planet from monstrous invaders, but to do this, these people use the power of the nature around them, withering their world in the process.

The concepts were created by my friend Daniel Zapata, who helped me capture my idea in an image!

I want to make an army of roots grab the monster from different parts. I have started testing to make the system to do this effect. This still has a lot of work to do.

In the final version the roots will be more visible...

This is just the beginning!