Cyborg Relations
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Cyborg Relations

Steve Green
by StevieG on 17 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

My entry to the Rebelway VFX contest.

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Update - 19 Feb 2021

I've been trying different shield effects. Below is my first attempt at a more geometry based shield. It's made up of packed fragments which I could later use in an RBD sim when the hydralisk smashes his claw down from above. 

The shield currently blocks far too much of the action with hydralisk screaming at the cyborg.

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Update - 17 Feb 2021

My current layers of destruction, mist and fog.

RBD, environment fog, debris, ice/snow particles and finally mist spray.

Update - 16 Feb 2021

I've been working on several more iterations of the RBD simulation and debris. I've now added a dust layer and am currently iterating on a layer of very fine snow/ice crystals.

I've added an environment fog/haze as it's a sunrise on an icy planet.

The cyborg is returning to his ship after a survey mission and is attacked by the hydralisk lying in wait under the ice.

Here is a work in progress, low quality render with the new layers of debris and dust. I've also reworked the ice shader as it was previously glowing with too much SSS.

I've added a burnt tip effect to the hydralisk's claw as it pushes through the shield. I used a Solver to ensure the burnt effect is maintained as the frames progress.

The shield effects are still very early in their development. I intend to add a lot more layers. Currently toying with particles vs volumes. 

Update - 16 Feb 2021

Double post. Sorry

Update - 4 Feb 2021

I've added a second layer of medium sized debris to the destruction. 

I've also done a bit more work on the shaders, background and cyborg.

This is my first attempt at the cyborg's shield. A long way to go but thought I'd run a test render to see how it looks from the main cameras. 

I'll be doing work on the snow/dust layer for the main destruction then onto the shield and energy weapon effects. 

Here is my cyborg showing my current materials done in Substance Painter

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Update - 29 Jan 2021

I'm about six weeks late to the party. Only recently discovered this competition and I'd love to have a go and see what I can create. 

I've spent a few hours over the past couple of days working on the RBD sim for the fracture. I did a few constraint iterations with TOPS and I like the below sim.  I used glue and soft constraints.

I've spent a few hours working on the texture for the monster, cyborg and the ice and mountains. 

Below are a few test renders from Redshift.

I haven't decided whether to go with ice, fire or rock. I'll work more on the RBD sim, debris, dust and then onto the force fields and energy beam. Never done force fields or energy beams so will be a lot of fun. 

Below is my TOPS video test of some RBD settings