Sunken Kombi
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Sunken Kombi

Sunken VW Type 2 texture for the Kombi Texturing Challenge

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Update - 12 Jan 2021

Here are my final renders of my sunken Kombi van.  This design only includes basic layers of algae and no other layers of different organisms, whilst I wish I could have included more detailed layers, attempting to use other methods of rendering did consume a lot of time. 

*Unfortunately the Substance Painter version of Iray doesn't support the latest RTX 30 series graphics cards so the renders are not super high quality.

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Update - 6 Jan 2021

This update includes most of the base layers before adding barnacles and other extruded layers. 

Update - 4 Jan 2021

Here are my mood boards that I used to present examples of inspiration. First I examined real VW Type 2 designs before thinking about how I could make my design unique. Instead of making a cool illustration design I decided that I wanted to make a sunken Kombi, covered with Algae and barnacles. For this design I needed to understand how Algae builds up and grows on different materials, so I spoke to a friend of mine that is studying Marine Biology and asked him about how different organisms grow in different areas of the ocean. Through this conversation I learned about the 2 different types of algae and how didn't areas of the ocean affect the colours of the organisms that grow.

Update - 4 Jan 2021