Mando's Van
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Mando's Van

Always tought that Mando would need a solid, mighty and raw vehicle to move long distances on his missions. Here it is, his spacious and austere mini van!

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Update - 8 Jan 2021

Last and final update on the Mando's Van.

Hope you like it, it was very fun for me and a great way to experiment with the software, being my first try on Substance! Still a lot to learn, but you have to start somewhere as they say!

Here you have the 4 main cameras provided in the file, as requested. I tried to add some details here and there, from graffiti on the glasses and chassis to mud spots down around the wheel's area. Tried to add laser shot scratches on the windshield and some other small details in roughness, color and height. Also tried to get close to that patchy-old metallic look from the main reference, the Mandalorian's Razor Crest.

A couple of extra cameras that I had fun rendering, showing a bit more details on the front and rear part of the van.

Thank you for this great opportunity, please feel free to comment and help me improve my skills! And good luck everybody, wish you the best!


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Update - 5 Jan 2021

First update on Mando's Van!

Update - 4 Jan 2021

Hi everybody! New here, so please be patient if I'm a bit clumsy in this! For this contest I would like to provide the mighty Mandalorian guy with a van that is just as badass as he is! For this reason I tought to make it resemble his spaceship, the Razor Crest.

Down here some of my references.

As you can probably guess, I would like to give the van an old, dirty, scratched and stained finish. These are my first images, very very wip still, but the goal is to give some variation on all those metal panels to make them look like they saw some hard times, maybe making some of them of a different metallic finish just to mix them up a bit. I'm very new to Substance Painter, this is my first attempt on the software, so please let the hints and advices run free! I would appreciate it!

One detail that I would like to add is in the front of the van. As you can probably already see, I'm trying to make that curvy part look like the Mandalorian helmet's visor, some kind of black reflective mirror like material, so that it reminds of his iconic armor. Any suggestion?

Thanks for your time and help, looking forward to upload some new progress soon! See you soon!