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Militech Inspired Eddie
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Militech Inspired Eddie

Going for a Militech inspired theme from the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077.

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Update - 29 Sep 2020

Reference and credit to the super awesome resources that allowed me to create this contest entry over the last week of evenings after work.

Alphas Used:

Software Used:
Everything done within Substance Painter using polygon fill for masking and alphas for detailing as per guidelines.

Cyberpunk 2077 Militech Logos / Icons:

Is this allowed?, asked for confirmation:

Lastly to say I am super hyped for November 19th when we can all get lost in Cyberpunk 2077 Night City together!

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Update - 28 Sep 2020

Day 6

Updated Detailing Across Model
More Roughness Map Detailing
Increased Height Map Depth (thanks @heavyblazenight for suggestion on Discord)
Setup Mood Lighting and Render Profile for Iray
Render Desired Look with Lighting...... ..... ..... :D

* Noticed a couple of mistakes, will have to re-render them. Hoping I can create a full turn around video in addition to 
Iray renders.

Update - 27 Sep 2020

Day 5
Rework Joints
Add Hand Details
Sort Layers with Passthrough for Better Roughness Map with Height

Update - 26 Sep 2020

Day 4

Detailing Back

Initial Ears & Backpack Detailing

Start Detailing Head

Update - 25 Sep 2020

Day 3

Small Updates to Front Body Details
Start Bicep
Thighs & Eye Details

Starting Front Body Details

Update - 25 Sep 2020

Day Two

Additional Feet Detailing

Feet Details

Hand & Arm Details

Day One

Basic Material Colour Blockout

Basic Mask Blockout