Freddie - Froggo Eddie
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Freddie - Froggo Eddie

My take on the Eddie texture challenge. Heavily inspired by frogs, with a stylised approach.

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Update - 7 Oct 2020

Final renders. I had some issues with performance when rendering with displacement but overall I am pretty happy with how hey turned out. As well as how Eddie turned out overall. I had a lot of fun and managed to add all then elements I intended to.

Viewport | Base Colour | Normal + Height | Roughness | Metalness

I made some alphas for the markings which I used to decorate Eddie. Along with this I imported the photoshop brush I used to create these alphas so I could keep the consistency between the alphas and the markings I hand drew onto Eddie in substance painter.

The filled triangle I used, in junction with the zipper tool, to create the pink detail. As it allowed for proper spacing and orientation. 

The use of the texture from my previous update.

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Update - 4 Oct 2020

I made some basic alphas using Photoshop to replace the makeshift lily pads in the first iteration. Along with this I made a painted cell texture with brush strokes, to use for colour variation and texture on the clay and other areas of the texture. Starting off with creating the texture in colour, making it grayscale and then tiling it.

Below is an update on the use of the lily pad alphas as well as getting in the displacement that I had planned. As well as this I added the straps, power cell and core on the top of the head and some more detail in the wood. My next step will be to utilise the texture for colour variation as well as increasing the detail and getting started on some more painted features of the texture. 

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Update - 29 Sep 2020

The last few days I've been working on concepting how I will proceed with Eddie. This included defining areas of the texture that I hadn't yet e.g. the top of the head and the backpack. As well as figuring out placement on the lily pads and the markings. 

My next step will be to create alpha textures for the lily pads and paint markings. Then do a displacement / height pass on the model to define some of the areas that I would like to pop more and to further push the made of clay aspect of the design.

Update - 23 Sep 2020

When I first saw Eddie I immediately was drawn to the frog likeness the the little robot has. This then reminded me of the concepts of Elodie Mondoloni and her frog prop project. I have always been drawn to this artists style and decided to that it would be interesting to achieve this look using substance and to let these concepts heavily influence my texturing of Eddie.

And so I downloaded the latest version of Substance Painter and began. I started with baking the utility maps and getting basic colours on, then began with experimenting. My initial approach is to try to work as procedural as possible and to get the main feel and methods for the materials I am trying to create, this included trying to get the hammered metal and the indented, finger pressed look for the clay. I also found an interesting way of creating height on the leaves using the bevel filter.