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Night-stalker Eddie
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Night-stalker Eddie

This is my entry for the Eddie contest. The theme is vampires vs werewolves. The idea is to split Eddie in half. The left side is the werewolf side using white jade and blue accents. The right side is the vampire side with obsidian and red accents. Each mineral will have carvings which represent each side.

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Update - 7 Oct 2020

Final update. 

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Update - 5 Oct 2020

Almost done. The major texture work such as the carvings are basically done. Just modifications and tweaks left

Update - 3 Oct 2020

Alright, another update. I finished the eyes and started working on the legs.

Update - 30 Sep 2020

Alright, another update. Rendering took a while this time, but It's looking awesome. Started doing the joints and the arms and legs. 

Update - 28 Sep 2020

Some more changes. I worked on the face, head and some other improvements and changes on the left side of the body.

Update - 25 Sep 2020

Started working on the carvings for the werewolf side

Update - 22 Sep 2020

Another update. This time I created the Damascus steel material, as well as started planning the carvings. 

Update - 21 Sep 2020

Another quick update. Worked a bit more on the plating and started making the materials for the white jaded and obsidian.

Update - 20 Sep 2020

Alright. First update. I started working on the cracks and the paneling.

Update - 18 Sep 2020