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Steampunk/street Eddie

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Update - 4 Oct 2020

My Final Update!!

What i learned in this challenge:

Usage of anchor points

Separating height for normal information and using a new channel 'displacement' for displacement instead of height

Usage of procedural ways

Most of the time spent was figuring out to do it procedurally , the only thing that wasn't procedural would be the lines of displacement on the head and body. because that was manual.

And this is the most channels i've ever used, total of 7 channels.

a rough example on the body. base colour > displacement > metalness > normal > roughness

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Update - 2 Oct 2020

this update i added more hard surface and anchor points on the right arm.  and well as on the legs

changed the .. is it ears? hahaha. following the chappie reference 

and i added ground rust for the legs.

i should be wrapping it up doing a final upload soon

Update - 22 Sep 2020

so with what i created on my hand, since it was procedural i went to apply same on the other limbs. and did afew changes to variate abit. for all along i've been pushing myself to texture proceduraly rather than hand painting(even though its called substance painter, no pun intended XD). i only go to hand painting when its for masking or certain specific details. im getting quite close to completion. next stages should be few more tweaks to match reference and optimizing. 

feel free to give critics and feedback!! :)

viewport view                                                             4k render(displacement disabled for now)

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Update - 20 Sep 2020

Helloo!! so for this update i continued to work on the body, i tried to follow the reference however i side tracked and adjusted and changed abit here and there. i placed another gold plate on the body to stick to the design. 
i also learned to use displacement in substance. i used a displacement channel for the displacement instead of height. as i have too many height info and i only wanted selected parts of the height information to be displaced, hence i split. not sure if this is the ideal way. but it kinda works. 
next up is the limbs!!!

currently i cant render with displacement. it takes too long and almost crashes everytime. gotta find a way to optimize. hopefully by next update

feel free to give any critics or feedback!! :)

base colour - roughness - normal/height/mesh - displacement

Update - 15 Sep 2020

For this update, i focused more on the head, especially on what material it is. i spent most time tweaking and getting the rough-ness and metal-ness. added more color variation as well. in this update i learn to use anchor points! i couldn't manage to follow the eyes from the chappie reference, instead i tried to play around with procedurals within substance. 

Update - 13 Sep 2020

for this update, i focused on the head. the engravings and color and metalness.  and as much as i try to follow the reference, i sometimes tend to change certain aspects of them and not 100% follow the reference.

Hi, for this eddie texture challenge, im going for a steampunk and street style. these are my reference