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Eddie - The Police Assistant dorid
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Eddie - The Police Assistant dorid

This is my entry for the Eddie texturing contest :)

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Update - 19 Sep 2020

So today i added some details like panels, vents, bolts, badge and more lights.

Next step will be to add more color variations, and materials.

So far happy with the result, i would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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Update - 10 Sep 2020

Hello Guys,  This is my entry for the Eddie texturing contest. 

I'm really excited, its my first contest, and i'm pretty new to texturing in overall, so i'm eager to participate and learn, thanks for the opportunity.

First things first i downloaded the model and looked on it, rotated it and just learned it, trying to figure out which way i'm going to take it, after thinking about it the whole day, i decided that he could be a police assistant droid, so that's whats he is going to be, Eddie - The Police Assistant Droid.

So i started to look for references online, for police alike robots, some material i could imagine on him, etc, and i started to make my PureRef,  im sure this PureRef will keep expanding as i move on with the project. 

After i had my first version of references ready, is stared to block out the colors, just to see how it looks and feels, also added a little bit of details like the lights for they eyes and for the sirens just to make it more alive. For now im happy with the direction i going.

I would really like to hear your thoughts as i move on.