Abandoned Eddie Robot
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Abandoned Eddie Robot

This is my first contest. In it I plan to combine once joyful metal with raw moss and rust, showing the time gone. I do not have much experience in Substance Painter, but I am familiar with the basics. Hope you enjoy my work and you will find something useful for yourself. Thank you for your attention!

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Update - 21 Sep 2020

Color and emission Update

So, I reduced the tessellation scale. I also noticed that the combination of colors I chose are often chosen by others, and I changed them a bit, trying to keep the spirit of the ice cream machine. You may have already noticed the passing of life in the eyes of Eddie, blue emission also points to his story.

This is still not the final version

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Update - 13 Sep 2020

Adding Moss and Dirt

I found a tessellation and in this update I added it! There is also moss and dirt. Nothing unusual. Fill layer with textures of moss and dirt, under a mask with a light generator multiplied by a gradient to highlight only the lower body.

Tessellation Off/On

Update - 12 Sep 2020

Little Update

So, today I changed the pattern on eyes and ears, added more details, for example welds. Also updated the back, now it has a functional sense, there once was an ice cream freezer! On the front part of the body appeared a door, which used to fill ice cream in cups.

This is still not the final look.

Update - 11 Sep 2020

Creating Base

Without ID map, I started painting the base colors. Used Polygon Fill tool to select the different parts. Coloring slightly broke the symmetry. In the last photo, I added metal.

I created a paint layer (Not Fill layer, b.c. I will use an Anchor Point effect) on which, I create screws. In the brush settings, I set Angle Jitter for a random angle even symmetry is on. Alpha made by myself. 

Also added some variations to the base color.

In this, I created a texture of four stickers, and using the Projection to applied them to the model. By creating a mask on a layer and multiplying it by cloud texture, we can control the wearing with balance parameter.

Here I added the standard Rust Fine material. Anchor point of screws upgraded curvature with micro details.

Eyes and ears were clean to add a layer of rust under the base color layer.

The base color folder is limited by the mask multiplied with clouds 2 texture. This gives wearing control.

Standard Frost brush and a bit of artistic skill.

This is not the final look of Eddie. Some parameters will be changed and improved.

Update - 10 Sep 2020


Today I'm going to look for a reference for our robot, I've already decided on the main theme, so it remains to find some photos.

So, here I have collected the main and secondary colors and materials, and the way they interact.

The basis will be the ice cream van: blue, white and red paint. Time will wash off the paint and we will see the metal, rusty metal covered with moss and hoarfrost.

Update - 9 Sep 2020


I have already created all the folders I need to organize my work.

I pulled (When create new project, don't forget use UDIM and import cameras) the Eddie model into the Substance Painter and bake World Space normal, Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Position. No ID map (for selection I prefer the Polygon Fill tool).

Some bake settings I changed. - Output Size 2048x2048. Dilation Width equal to 2.