I am worthy

I am worthy

Rachel Abbott
by theredwoman on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm new to 3D animation software and have a passion for creating. I have been using only Maya right now to develop my modeling skills, but I hope to expand my skills with other programs and tools. I just wanted to get my work out there, and I hope you like it!

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Sci-fi room *version 1* using Maya 2019. I took a 3D animation class last year, and one of the projects we were given was to model a room - the only specifications were that it needed to have a window, a table, and a chair (I opted for a bench) - being a fan of sci-fi films/games/art, I decided to go in that aesthetic direction. I was inspired by the Alien movies as well as the Alien video games (Alien: Isolation and Aliens: Colonial Marines).

For this project, I worked mostly by trial and error, not necessarily following any guidelines or tutorials. I'm still very new to Maya, and so for me this room design was about getting used to the program and tools within it. I messed around a lot with the basic tools: move, rotate, and scale while experimenting with polygons. I struggled with lighting (and it's something I'm still working to improve on), but by choosing a Sci-fi theme, I was granted some leeway with that. Some Sci-fi scenes tend to be moody and mysterious with low lighting.

I googled Sci-fi pictures to find what I felt would be great additions to my room. These two pictures are what's on the wall. They were not created by me, and I'm not sure who the credit goes to for either one. 

To create the crystals in the corner, I used the Arnold mesh light. I'm working on making them look more realistic.

One of the earlier projects in my 3D animation class was to create a rocket. The last image seen in this sequence is the original, and then I used a photo editor to create an environment for it. The order of these images is supposed to be the rocket leaving a planet -> at high speed -> close to a star -> total blackness 

This is my icy landscape complete with snow, ice cubes, and an "ice slide."

After I created my landscape, I saw Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. I noticed some similarities in my design to their masterpiece. 

Abstract shape experimenting with colors, light, and shadow.

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