Nicole Pappas Rookies 2020

Nicole Pappas Rookies 2020

by Jayson Hahn, Nicole Colvin, and nicolepappas on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My rookies submission for 2020!

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Here's a quick overview of all of my work. I use 2D primarily, but also enjoy combining mediums.

Here is a brand ID for Behance by Adobe. In this spot, a creator works on a playful 3D still life, adding 2D accents as he climbs through his masterpiece. When he finishes the piece, it is revealed that he was working on a 3D still life of the Behance logo. In this way, Behance has acted as the platform for the character’s work. This is in collaboration with Jayson Hahn. I was in charge of the 2D assets, compositing, editing, character design, character animation, concept/development, while also assisting with the 3D when needed.

This is a Lollapalooza Event Title Sequence in collaboration with Jayson Hahn and Nicole Colvin. For this music festival title sequence, we highlighted the unique qualities of Lollapalooza while utilizing both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design elements. We took 3D music-related items and mixed them with 2D natural elements. The main headliners have their own “stages” representing the many stages at Lolla. As the sequence closes, all 3 different scenes combine, representing the mashup of artists.

This is a logo animation I created using a C4D toon shader for the Nintendo Switch. The goal was to make it snappy and playful.

Here is my senior film for SCAD Motion Media Design. My film is a series of thoughts, transitioning through artstyles, about what it means to space out and have your head in the clouds. Being someone who spaces out often, this piece is about my journey and seeing the positive aspect of being a bit space-y.

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