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Santiago Medrano's Game Art Entry 2020

Santiago Medrano's Game Art Entry 2020

Santiago Medrano
by smedrano on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey, everyone! Just how I was blown away and inspired by some of last year's entries, I hope that at the very least, my entry for this year can do the same for someone else! Enjoy! (Feel free to drop me a message on ArtStation or LinkedIn, I'm always happy to chat)

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Hey, everyone! Welcome to my Rookies 2020 submission!

Below is my latest environment, "Claustrophobia", which is rendered in real-time inside UE4. "Claustrophobia" is the exploration of a close-quarters, urban environment that's been neglected by humanity and is showing early signs of dilapidation. This project allowed me to continue to develop my modeling, texturing and lighting skills, giving me some new insights into Designer, Marvelous and the inner-workings of Unreal Engine 4, such as properly height blending materials.

Huge thanks to two particular artists who've been heavily featured here before; Jonjo Hemmens and Kieran Goodson! Their feedback and support has been invaluable!

This is my second entry, the Amazoff Cargo Mech or "ACME" for short!

The "ACME" Units (Amazoff Cargo Mech) were introduced by the Amazoff Tech. Company in 2049 to assist the first off-world colonists with heavy duty tasks and regular cargo hauls. Despite being autonomous and self-sufficient, the "ACME" Units were decommissioned in 2059 by the Amazoff Tech. Company after discovering that solar flares had severe side-effects on the Unit's tracker and navigation dish.

The base was set-dressed using MegaScans assets. Some alphas by JRO were used during texturing. 

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