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Roll Ball!

Roll Ball!

Ryan Schumacher
by impostrophe on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Roll through 20+ levels in this puzzle platformer by Open Game Studio. Dodge boulders and crushing pillars, balance in tight spaces over certain doom while dealing with wind tunnels bent on knocking you off balance. See how many jewels you can collect in each map as you try to get to the goal!

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Roll Ball is being developed by a community I lead called Open Game Studio. We're all Rookies here, focusing on developing teamwork skills, agile development practices, modern tool usage, and of course, game development!

Some highlights from Roll Ball's member-created content!

Flythrough video of a cool but evil level by Daniel Schumacher, aka SaltyHermit

Welcoming. Encouraging. Educational. Fun. These are our key values at Open Game Studio. Game development is far too difficult and valuable to also be so cutthroat. I want to help change that. Roll Ball demonstrates this with its user-friendly level designer tools, complete with a series of short videos demonstrating their use.

We aren't trying to create an 'ez button' to make games. We're trying to create an on-ramp for passionate individuals by creating actionable steps they can take to learn useful skills and tools, all while being a part of developing real games that will be published on major platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store!

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