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Dystopian Short Film

Dystopian Short Film

Lara Burley
by thegreenwyvern on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is the work from my graduate film about the birth and death of a woodland creature traversing a dystopian landscape.

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Hello my name is Lara, I am a final year animation student and the work I am presenting is from my graduate film I am in the process of creating.

The as yet untitled short film follows the birth and death of a woodland creature through a dystopian landscape.

I have worked hard on the aesthetics of this film, being heavily influenced by photography techniques such as multiple exposure and applied it to a fully computer generated 3D moving image.

Throughout the creation of this film I have had to overcome a lot of obstacles and do a lot of problem solving which means I have learnt so much since the start and will continue to learn so much more until the completion of this film.

Here is a show reel of the 3D aspects of my film so far.

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