WILDFALL and Other Personal Works

WILDFALL and Other Personal Works

Jay Naidu
by jaynaidu on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Wildfall is a world of anthropomorphic creatures. This project seeks to explore this world and how the many different regions and cultures militarize when conflict arises.

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Welcome to Wildfall

Wildfall is a world hidden from Earth's cartographers. The inhabitants of Wildfall take anthropomorphic forms, and have adapted technology and culture from the humans of Earth. Developing and evolving alongside their neighbors, Wildfall saw civilizations rise and fall. As various regions were formed and borders established, interactions between these societies would eventually lead to conflict.

This project is a series of concepts I developed focusing on what a modern world war would look like in Wildfall, as it's creatures seek to solve their differences through violence.

The Second Regional War of Wildfall

The Soldiers of Wildfall

Weapons of Wildfall

Other Works

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