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Wander Off

Wander Off

by jiyaoz on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Wander Off is a collection of spaces and architectures that were designed unconsciously.

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Wander Off is a project that presents the imaginary architectures and spaces that were unconsciously recreated from memories.

The design of them came from sketches I drew when listening to music and fully relaxed. This action of having no goals and letting the mind wanders off helped me to come up with scenes where no boundaries or rules exist.  

However, not until recently did I realize, there are links between those sketches and memories of moments in life. So I decided to put them in a virtual world, to remind myself of the moments that I memorized unconsciously and relive them in another way.

The models were made with Cinema 4D, and the scenes were put together in Unity.

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