A Year Of Archviz

A Year Of Archviz

Mads Lind Nicolaisen
by madslindnicolaisen on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Its been quite a busy year. But i got a lot personal projects done at School and a few small things in my freetime Most of the projects are made with 3DSMAX/Corona Render

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Olivecronas väg 13

I have a huge crush on apartments with high ceilings. It makes the space really open. and like makes you feel more free in the space in a way. And thats exactly what i wanted to show with this piece. I also went for a bit diffrent interior style than i normally do just to try something diffrent

Själagårdsgatan 255

So i had quite a big break from Scandinavian interiors. Which is kinda the style im known for. So i wanted to get back at that for a bit. So i created this very bright living room. and really tried to bring that Scandinavian style out in it. It was also my first time integrating a 2D Element into one of my interiors "the cat" Normally my scenes are 100% CG

B E I G E - 5 Hour Project

So when i get back to school from my internship i usually start out with a small ref project. Where i find a refrence image i wanna re-create. and give myself a few hours to finish it. In this case i spend 5.Hours on the image below

ref: https://i.imgur.com/Lj17tcW.jpg

Yellow Reading Nook

This was another 5.Hour project i did same concept

ref: https://i.imgur.com/Te0ao0J.jpg

Model Creation for Archviz "Photogrammetry"

So something i haven't showcased a lot on my portfolio is Photogrammetry its something i have huge interest in. Since you can make Ultra realistic models with that method. I think its important that Archviz artist have the ability to create models aswell so i thought it would be a good idea to include in my entry. From my internship i had experince with clients reguesting custom models mutilple times. So its defently a needed skill even for this Category

The shoe model took around 10.Hours Total to make. I used multiple programs like 3DSMAX, ZBrush, XNormal, Photoshop, Corona Render, RealityCapture

The Camera used for the scan is a Panasonic G7


So forestpack... Probably the most used plugin in the whole archviz field. So of course i wanted to showcase my skills with that too. I wanted to show my use in a bit more creative way. without any architecture. I know this is the architecture category and everything. So im keeping it short

Red Room

This was a bit more Artsy project. i do really like colorfull rooms especially when its a bit extreme like the red color in this room. I also tried to make the light/post look a bit more graphical looking in this project. The goal was not 100% Photorealism but more to get certain feel from the image

Whats Next?

So the year isnt over... So what im working on right now is a pretty big animated project. With around 1+ Minute of animated video. and 20 Still renders. From a modernised industrial apartment. The Video i have shared below is some wip shots from that project. They are gonna be rendered less noisy and in higher res in the final version. But you should still be able to see whats going on ;)

Make sure to watch it in 1080P!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what i made this year!

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