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The black knight

The black knight

Santiago Tomás Cabrera Gavilán
by cabreras on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Fan art of the black knight from Dark Souls (i just think they're neat)

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The faithful knights who followed Gywn to the Kiln of the first flame, once proud silver knights, it is said that they were burnt black in their fights with the chaos demons, now they roam around Lordan with no purpose.

I could bore you to death with dark souls lore right know, but let's focus on the actual breakdown of this model, the ominous design really resonated with me, it really gives you the impression of what kind of enemy it is

I had to come up with an idea for the rookies, even though i'm just getting started with 3D i wanted to challenge myself because my modelling skills where really lacking, so while  playing dark souls it hit me, i wanted to recreate this

I knew making this in maya would be difficult, if not impossible for the ornaments, so i had to learn Zbrush

It was REALLY frustating, this was only one month ago, using a sculpting software was really difficult to get the clean shapes i wanted, let alone the fact that i had 0 experience with the sculpting fundamentals

I spend day after day just learning the software, surely, trick after trick i started to understand how to approach this project, my teacher helped me a lot with the workflow i should use, but most of the process i had to investigate for myself

Originally, i wanted to pose it with it's shield and sword, sadly, that was just too much sand for my little truck, the deadline just came without me noticing and i had to finish it however i could, it is a little rough around the edges, but i'm really proud of how this turned out.

I never knew i was able to do something like this, i learned a lot about workflows and sculpting, i will keep on learning and hopefully revisit this project someday when i become a better artist.

But above all, i want to thank the rookies, this contest really pushed me to learn new things and i will enter every year from now on, with more refined art of course!

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