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Creatures - Hippocampus/Heart of the Wyvern

Creatures - Hippocampus/Heart of the Wyvern

Hayley Morrison
by hayley1995 on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This entry features two models, a hippocampus creature based on the concept from Terryl Whitlatch and a wyvern based on my own concept.

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Hippocampus - Concept by Terryl Whitlatch

Sculpted within ZBrush 2019. Model was initially modelled with symmetry, once the anatomy was correct, the model was posed, similar to the concept art.

Skin detail was added using a combination of different alphas and application tools. Colour was added using Polypaint and rendered within ZBrush.

Heart of the Wyvern

This creature was based on concept art I created a few years ago. Using eagles as reference, the model was first sculpted within ZBrush 2019. 

The larger feathers on the wings, and some on the face, were created using plane texturing. Editing the colours on the feathers to create a variety of colour choices. The smaller feathers were created using XGen and by adding a colour map, a colour shift  was achieved throughout the model. 

Model textured within Substance Painter, baking the high poly model onto the retopped low poly. An emmisive texture was applied to the crystal. 

Model was rendered using Arnold.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work! 

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