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Rushil's Concept art/Illustration Entry

Rushil's Concept art/Illustration Entry

Rushil Kejriwal
by rushil on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Self-taught concept artist from India looking to get my foot into the door. Hoping to work for AAA games and movies as an environment/Keyframe concept artist. These are a selection of works done over the past year.

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Illustration done for the Rookies contest: Forbidden Lands, Fallen Empires and Ancient Guardians.
The image won the 1st place. 

Story: The Skeleton Lake

Forbidden truth written in Indian hieroglyphs behind the ancestral throne stone. When uncovered by a legendary linguist, on King's demand, brought sudden death to the Giant King and all of his courtiers. Turning their flesh to dust leaving behind just their skeletons. 

Thumbnail Prompt.

In a cursed village in glacier of India. Every year as the ice melts into a glacial lake located in that town, hundreds of human skeletons are seen floating. Rediscovered by a forest ranger.

Concepts done for the mentorship class with Steve Wang (Concept art hacks) on Learnsquared.
This completely changed my workflow and placed my focus on graphic read of the image.
Below are the weekly assignments done for that class.

-2 value Thumbnails
-Full value painting
-Complete painting using a 3d base.

The task that I gave myself was to develop a simple concept and do a cinematic sequence as quickly as possible. This took about 4 days from start to finish.

Alien mega structure on Mars that captures electricity from lightning.
The rings create a low pressure in the area above it, which produces wind and clouds of dust in a spiral movement. The friction between particles produces a charge and in turn produces lightning. Which is then captured by the huge pillar like structures.

-Rough thumbnails
-Blocking in 3d

Garuda was the project which started as a exercise to learn and test the power of eevee (Blender's realtime renderer). 

The Idea was that a few chosen women from a technologically advanced clan of Women (similar to the Amazons in Wonder Woman) are given the responsibility to protect the earth. They are always on surveillance in their low orbit spacecraft, from which they are dropped down from space on their Garuda whenever there is a monster attack on Earth. 

These are the first sequence of shots from inside the spacecraft, getting ready to get space dropped on their way to fight the sea monster that has just appeared.

I wanted to do a project with a Fantasy setting and design a Landscape, character and prop for that.

Lost was the project started to test if I can make a finished image in a day with a bit of a story. I would say the test was successful. Also the focus was on getting a good graphic read.

Image done to polish up my photobashing and painting skills.

Operation: Papercut is an ongoing personal project based on the events of WWII taking inspiration from the conspiracy of The Nazi bell. Believed to be the Bell shaped time machine Nazi's were able to make. Almost 80 yrs later a similar looking structure was found at a crash site of a fireball/meteor.

This is where the scene starts. Troops marching through the forest and then suddenly a the notice a fireball gushing down from the sky.

That's all for this time. Hope You guys enjoyed my work. 
*Fingers Crossed*

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