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2020 Works

2020 Works

William Trameaux
by williamtrameaux on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm happy to share with you some personals and school projects that I have carried out during these years. There are different types of projects, but my overall intention is to give a real identity to my photos. To immerse you in my creation. I hope you like it and enjoy it!

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- It's a School project, a selfportrait. I used Photoscan, R3DS Wrap, Zbrush for the modeling. For the texturing, Mari and Photoshop was used and XYZ texturing map for displacement. -

- Personal project, another digi-Doble. The software and process were the same as the self-portrait project. -

- Personal project, 1963's Chevrolet Stingray. -

- Now it's a personal project. It is a kind of little exercise in lighting and compositing. These works are inspired by photographic works, to find a good composition and tell a story. The atmosphere of the image is accentuated by the lighting and the compositing. -

- In this personal project, for the first time I wanted to do a mechanical modeling and to find lot of precision on it. To create a credible old textures. And to create a relevant lighting and compositing to create a great atmosphere and immerse people inside this field of grass.-

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