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My first year, studying Archviz at Yrgo

My first year, studying Archviz at Yrgo

Carl Stenmark
by carlstenmark on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are some of the images I've produced studying Archviz at Yrgo in Gothenburg, Sweden. The past nine months have been a blast and I'm looking forward to learn even more in the feature!

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My first year studying Archviz at Yrgo

In the September of 2019 I started my journey in Archviz and the last 9 months have been a blast! Below you will find some of the things I've been up to. I'm looking forward to even learning more as time goes on!

Wintertime at Vulcan Wharf

In this school project we got to work with material provided by Pixelflakes. We were provided camera angles and I choose this one. My thought was that as you approach the area you are greeted by the warmth of the lights emanating from the bars and caf├ęs along the canal. My intention was to communicate that the area will be nice to live in during winter time as well.

This is my moodboard for this project. In order to really make the warm lights stand out I choose to make an image set during blue hour.

The process from sketch to render and after compositing and correcting in photoshop the final image.

House by the sea

In this project I got to choose an already existing run-down house and then make visualizations for potential renovation. I had to make images of two rooms and decided upon the kitchen and living room. My target group for this project was a recently retired couple who grew up in the 50's. They wanted a house that's easy to maintain so that they may spend more time sailing. They also had children and grandchildren which they would like to invite over for family gatherings.

In my moodboard for this project I choose to include the materials and colors for both rooms. I wanted to make interiors eluding to 1950's Swedish design while still coming of as fresh and modern. I also thought that since the couple had lived a long life they, might have collected some interesting smaller items they would likely decorate their place with as well.

With the living room I choose to focus on the sofa. Since family gatherings would be important to the couple, I wanted to show plenty of space in which they would be able to hang out and chat. I tried many different camera angles but ultimately settled for the rightmost one. Which I felt maintained the focus on the sofa without feeling unbalanced.

Eames Lounge Chair

in this assignment I got to model a chair after reference and then put it into an environment. I chose the Eames lounge chair.

In total I ended up with 298 909 polys. Sculpting the folds and wrinkles and then applying them as a normal map.

Hidden Sauna

This was a side project of mine. I wanted to practice making fog and I thought a simple sauna would be great to try it out on. And who doesn't love saunas?

Thanks for checking out my entry!

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