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Chant Ho Lin
by chant on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a female paladin game character model I worked on at Vertex school with Ryan Kingslien. The model is based on an amazing concept art by Un Lee.

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Modeling: To break down my modeling process, I started with sculpting the high poly body and face, then retopo in Maya. I model the armors and all hard surface elements in maya, started out with low poly then move the high poly base in Maya, I sculpt the detailed line work on the armor in Zbrush to finalize the high poly mesh. 

Hair: I did the hair following Ryan’s guidance of laying out the hair cards. The original hair card texture and process is created by Jansen Turk, who is an amazing hair artist. Having the hair cards facing different direction, forming the X and V shape helps a lot to achieve natural look.

Cloth: Clothing is blocked out with Marvelous Designer as a base. I simplified some part where there are too many folds, sculpted to enhance some folds.

Texture: Textures are done in Substance Painter. High frequency detail on the face, armor, weapon and cloth are done in Subtance Painter and exported out as detail normal maps. I learned a lot from Ryan’s process of texture painting. By creating a base for color, roughness, metallic and all the other channel first, then adding a variant layer for each of the channel helps a lot in achieving an organic look and naturalistic feel to the texture and material.

I have been wanting to model a heroic type female character during my journey of learning character modeling. Not only it is fulfilling to model a heroine character, I am extremely thankful to receive guidance from Ryan Kingslien and Mario Stabile at Vertex.

My Artstation:
Original Concept Art by Un Lee:

Thank you for your time.

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