by Ms. Qihang Sun, Ms. Yanping He, and remaerd on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

i-click-you is a multiplayer mobile game designed for improving relationship between players. Instead of fighting or shooting opponents, players need to collaborate with each other while playing suggestive mini games such as shaking hands or kissing.

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According to Nikkei in 2018, there are more than 354 million consumers of multiplayer games within China alone. After the COVID outbreak, multiplayer games became the primary form of pastime, helping a large number of players get through this difficult time.

If we take a rough classification of multiplayer games on the market. Most of these games are over emphasizing competition against players. When we failed to win a game, we will receive a lot of negative feedbacks from our teammates. Instead of forming positive relationships, these multiplayer games are further alienating players.

i-click-you is a cooperative game designed for establishing relationships between players. In the game, players become "Heartizen" traveling between planets. The game is divided into three modes: "Casual mode", "Destiny Mode" and "Challenge Mode". The server will match appropriate opponents based on players' requirements.

During a game, The system will select several mini-games based on the relationship status between the two players. Each mini-game must be completed within ten seconds. If they failed to complete 3 mini-games in total. The game is over.

The prerequisites for maintaining a relationships is based on the chances to encounter and interact with each other. i-click-you aims to use game as a medium for helping players who shy away from proactive communcation; Players who are distant from their loved ones. Communicate in a more positive way than fighting with each other.

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i-click-you is created by 3 Master Students from London College of Communication: Mr. Xingzhi Zheng from Games Design; Ms. Qihang Sun & Ms. Yanping He from Illustration & Visual Media.

The project was originally created by Mr. Xingzhi Zheng. It's his ongoing final project as a master student (2020 December). After Ms. Sun & Ms. He joined the team, we decided to redesign the characters & user interfaces.

During our collaboration, we work remotely for the whole time. We used WeChat, Notion.so as productivity tools. The Characters' and Planets' Models was created with Cinema 4D & The prototype was created with Unity Engine.

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