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Rheyman Fernandez Reroma
by rheyman on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

-The older brother being the brains, and the younger brother being the brawn, these two complement each other well when pillaging in the name of their gods- This character was for Vertex School's January 2020 Character Artist Bootcamp. The concept was from artwork done by Adrian Smith.

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Here is the original concept illustrated by the great Adrian Smith.


Here are the High poly renders from z brush of this character.

Project Summary:

  I have always been a great fan of Adrian Smith’s artwork, especially when he worked for Games-Workshop’s Warhammer Intellectual Property. Going through his Artstation I was very intrigued by the characters and art in his graphic novel series “Chronicles of Hate”. the prospect of trying to sculpt this character was exciting,new, and challenging.

  For me it was very much a great learning experience because I was new to the game character pipeline in the modern sense, and how the various programs tied into one another. This character was my introduction into Houdini, Marvelous, and Marmoset. I also learned many more techniques to implement within Z Brush and Substance Painter.

  I am happy with how far I have been able to push this character. I have never made a character to this level before and I have all the gratitude towards my mentors at Vertex School, Marcin Klicki and Ryan Kingslien for guiding me through the process. With the knowledge that they have armed me with I believe I can continue increasing my skills in this craft and continue to make more exciting characters.

Thank You for looking at my work!

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