Naturalist's Study

Naturalist's Study

2020 Environment for Games demo reel. Real time scene made during my time at Think Tank Training Centre. The final scene was rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

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Asset line up and modular architecture. I wanted to offset the warm red and gold tones of the room with certain assets in complementary shades of green. While still keeping everything within a vintage style colour palette. I wanted everything to feel slightly dusty. 

Walls were made in sizes of 1 meter, 2 meter and 4 meter variants including the corner pieces. 

Tileable textures. Made with Substance Designer. 

Hero asset breakdown. I used Maya and ZBrush for modelling assets. Texturing was done with Substance Painter and Photoshop. I wanted the props to feel well loved and even worn away in some places. Antique auction websites were a particularly helpful resource in finding great reference images!

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