Environment Art/Hard surface

Environment Art/Hard surface

by eduardom1293 on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello I am eduardo Miralles from Venezuela and I am environment artist that love to do hard surface too, the past year I been learning more techniques in hard surface to applied in my future projects. however I realize that I like to create more environments art, telling you a story with out words

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Sci-Fi environment

This is my first environment I did, created in Maya and the textures created in MARI and substance painter.

My idea is a futuristic Building in found in the middle of a dessert controlled by robots, the scale of the scene in huge looking to show a massive building. Made in Maya an render with Pixar - render man that create a amazing light for the scene

My final project for   Lasalle College Vancouver

some of the close ups of the props and Cliff in the scene

Android Character

my first Character that I do in a while, I looked to create a half human half robot and implemented a organic and hard surface modeling

Cafe Racer, Motorcycle

This year is being extremely hard for me because all the recent event in the world so I only haves time to made this motorcycle, I wanted to improve my skills doing hard surface and I feel I i archive great improvements but i still learning to improve myself. I being looking doing a motorcycle for while because is something that exist and is easy to catch mistakes.

I user Arnold for this render

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