Bringing Creations To Life

Bringing Creations To Life

by yuu on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, I am YUU (Chiam Yee Wan), a college graduate who is passionate to create new art and designs. I would like to share my growth and development during my college years in The One Academy.

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Concept Design

Asena is a concept design project I did based on a tale about a brave young soul stepping on his journey to find out his birth origin.

Bon Appetit is about a Royal Chef who has been constantly interrupted by the playful Princess to serve his ultimate dish to the King during the Royal Dinner in the Palace.

Wrath of Susanoo is another concept design project I did with a more realistic style. The story is about the raged Susanoo who rushed to Hell and started the Battle of Yomi against his Mother, Izanami, when his beloved wife, Kushinadahime and his precious weapon, Totsuka-no-Tsurugi were snatched away.

Down Into The Abyss is about an explorer and a treasure hunter who had been brought to a dying ancient kingdom where everything was a mystery and unknown to them.

Key Shot 01 is about a sudden storm approaches the sailing ship and everyone tries their best to survive the storm.

Key Shot 02 shows the moment when the two protagonists are trying to escape when a group of soldiers swarm into the temple to capture them.

Key Shot 03 is about a grand ceremony has been held to celebrate the new successor of the highest priestess of the ancient kingdom.

Digital Matte Painting and Illustration

Scorch is the first digital matte painting I did in college. It was about a legendary stone which was guarded by the mighty Ryuujin (The God of Dragon) from the pursuers.

Japanese Garden was my very first digital Illustration.

Dragon War was an illustration I did for an art test. It is about the battle between the Dragon Knight and the army.

This piece of painting was designed based on a concept provided by a netizen. I did a collaboration with them to challenge myself to create an illustration of an Ancient Temple with a more Asian style.

This piece of painting was also designed based on a concept provided by a netizen. This time, I challenged myself to create the interior of a deserted and eerie throne room.

Evening At The Train Station was painted with the aid of 3D model built using Google Sketch Up.

The King's Sword is painted with the 3D model of the sword by using MAYA to get the best structure, lighting and perspective. The illustration is about the King of Knights tries to obtain the Power of King from the legendary King's Sword guarded by the Dragons.

These are some environment design sketches I did to explore more.

Portrait Drawing

I also love to draw portrait drawings very much. Seeing each character being portrayed in different color and mood to show their energy, characteristic and story are very interesting.

I also challenged myself to paint fantasy characters from games provided by game players I have encountered on social medias.

I tried to explore painting characters that are created by myself according to briefs or stories provided by netizen. It was fun giving the characters their facial features I imagined or referred to some photo references.

Production Design

Sometimes, I create designs through traditional methods too. 

This landscape design was based on the concept of a floating island of an ancient tribe which was divided into 3 layers. each with different functions respectively.

I designed a set design of a workshop for a music band as paying tribute to my favorite band.

Reengineering was a task given by the lecturers to analyze and recreate the design of one of our favorite characters. I chose Sanada Yukimura from Sengoku Basara as my design target. It was very fun seeing the version of my favorite character in the design of my own. The final design outcome is as below.

Visual Development

The Demon Hand was my very first visual development project based on the story of my own. The story is about a young antique shopkeeper, Kamigawa Kotaro, who has a double identity as a mercenary too. This is because he swore to find the truth behind the murder case of his parents. 

I used Google SketchUp to design the interior of the old fashioned Japanese antique shop. The built model was later used for the thumbnail sketches of the key scenes.

Key Scene 01 shows the moment when Kotaro is about to receive a new request leading to the murder case of his parents.

Key Scene 02 shows the intense fight between Kiyoshi and Uncle Kiyoshi, a person who raised him but is actually the mastermind behind the murder case of his parents.

Character Design

Character design is the thing I love to do the most. Bringing characters of different stories, dimensions, design elements, traits and personalities into life is very fun and exciting. I adored writing stories and creating characters very much since young.

A battle scene I drew for the Hero and the Villain.

A key scene I drew using the characters designed for the Zombie Apocalypse.

This is a character set with different poses and expressions I designed for a YouTuber as a hobby. It was fun to see character I designed in movement.

These are some colored character designs and sketches I did based on existing characters, games, animations, stories and briefs provided by netizens and some of my own creations.

I also loved to draw characters with line art in Japanese style.

Sometimes,  I also draw reference sheet based on existing characters or new characters. I believed that this is a great way to analyze the design elements of characters and improve my skills on character designing.

The design of the characters were based on stories and brief provided by friends on social medias.

These characters were based on character models from Final Fantasy 14 created by players. They provided me these wonderful models and it was fun and great to study while challenging myself to draw too. 

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