Art of Ben Kruck

Art of Ben Kruck

Ben Kruck
by benkruck on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello and welcome! I am a Canadian Concept Artist and Illustrator. I've put together some of my most recent work. Sit back, relax and Enjoy! Artstation:

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After loosing his last remaining blood family member MC (Matt Chambers) is on a hunt to find his Uncle or at the very least, avenge him. Around his neck is a family necklace for his Uncle and the bullet holding his shoulder pad together is for the killer. 

As the main character of this game, MC came with many challenges. Landing the right pose, clothing attire and facial expression would all add up for a perfect representation. To achieve a leader and jokester character, the wide stride towards camera, solid orange trench coat and fierce but playful expression did the trick. Showing a deeper pain in his eyes was tough.


As a big brother figure and right-hand-man to MC (below), Beleki is the shield and protector of the group.  His armour is built to withstand massive amounts of damage while still remaining resonably flexible.

When creating this giant of a man's armour, the challenge was balancing medieval and Nordic fashion to fit well in a Sci-Fi world. Modern and Sci-Fi materials placed in a medieval armour layout ended up being the key to this challenge. Accents of bright orange unite the squad.   


A merciless killer and main enemy to MC and his squad. Brain-washed and tortured, Vince Chambers is barely the man he used to be. All that remains of his soul is tied around his wrist; a family necklace and his nephew's gray scarf.

The challenge of this character was revealing a faction of heart and humanity in a what all else seems like a vicious villain. The scarf and necklace tied to his wrist shows that this monster may still stand for something.

The TRIO Rifle

MC's primary and favored weapon that can break down from a long range rifle to close quarter SMG and axe.

Colony Wall

The cold Wild lands of Destiny GOLDEN AGE Russia, just beyond the Wall.
~ Every morning, the wall opens. Every night, it closes.

Forgotten Turret Island - DESTINY GOLDEN AGE

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